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Ansys AVxcelerate Headlamp
Vehicle Headlight Simulation Software


Ansys AVxcelerate Headlamp


AVxcelerate Headlamp accelerates the development of intelligent headlamps by validating control law behavior and testing potential edge cases early in design. Easily assess innovative and smart light beams with real-time optical simulation in a virtual driving environment. Increase your final product quality and strongly reduce the risk of finding issues late in the development process.

  • 分析大灯照明性能
  • Perform Regulation Checks
    Perform Regulation Checks
  • 开发智能照明系统
  • 优化您的系统评级


Real-time and physics-based optical simulation guarantee the accuracy of virtual headlamp prototypes in the driving environment. By accounting for the optical properties of material and light propagation, you can make reliable decisions about your optical design.

  • Real-time Headlight Simulation
  • C++ / Simulink Plugin for Control Law Development
  • Discomfort Glare Assessment
  • Multiscreen + Driving Simulator
  • Advanced Headlights (Matrix Beams, Pixel Beams)
  • Night Test Driving
  • IIHS虚拟法规
  • Sensor Camera Model
  • 智能HL模拟
  • Photometric Analysis Tools
  • Driver In the Loop Assessment

Experience Virtual Night Drive Testing

Study shows that Ansys AVxcelerate delivers accurate photometric results, providing a comprehensive solution for dynamic headlight simulations.

2020-11 Speos-Headlamp-Stock.jpg

“这些工具也给我们一个真正的竞争等优点tage to demonstrate our high-quality, durable automotive illumination solutions to our customers through lifelike and reliable pictures and videos."

Ansys' optical and simulation solutions empower Weldex Corporation to render our engineering innovations into visual material," said William Jung, CEO, Weldex Corporation. "We are able to import optical simulation results of headlamps from Ansys SPEOS to Ansys AVxcelerate Headlamp and use scenarios created in Ansys VRXPERIENCE Driving Simulator powered by SCANeR™ to create movies of driving vehicles equipped with our products' virtual prototypes. We use the results to facilitate post-processing and data visualization for lamp certification, replacing costly and difficult night tests.

Release Date: July 2021 R2


AVxcelerate drives an open architecture and new capabilities for sensor simulation and asset preparation. Quickly and easily validate AV sensor configurations, including perception and AV features, with the driving simulation tool of your choice.


New IIHS and CIASI Tests

AVxcelerate Headlamp now includes improved IIHS tests with efficient Simulink scripts and an enriched Simulink Report Generator. It also supports new C-IASI tests with Simulink scripts to comply with regulations.

21R2 Image 3 - Deeper integration between material and simulation intelligence.jpg

Advanced Illuminance Sensor



新传感器定义UI UI



New IIHS and CIASI Tests

AVxcelerate Headlamp now includes improved IIHS tests with efficient Simulink scripts and an enriched Simulink Report Generator. It also supports new C-IASI tests with Simulink scripts to comply with regulations.


Advanced Illuminance Sensor







The new APIs to control the sensor simulation and access raw sensor output will increase productivity through the support of your specific process and engineering tools.


The unique features of real-time optical simulation allow headlight designers to perform virtual night tests and assess headlamp performance without going to the test track.

Ansys VRXPERIENCE Headlamp extends testing for intelligent lighting, such as AFS, ADB, matrix and pixel beam, and control law models to assess IIHS ratings. Additionally, perform early driver-in-the-loop testing, increasing the final product quality and strongly reducing the risk of finding issues late in the development process.

Key Capabilities

The physically accurate results produced by the AVxcelerate Headlamp real-time simulation allow you to perform accurate reviews and make reliable decisions before the physical prototyping phase.

  • Headlamp Simulation
  • Driving Scenarios
  • 虚拟测量
  • 智能照明系统
  • Discomfort Glare Assessment
  • IIHS虚拟评估

The real-time, physics-based solution allows you to simulate virtual prototypes of headlamps to detect, analyze and compare any defects in beam patterns, including chromatic aberrations.

Use the pixel beam or matrix beam testing scenarios for several cars at once, allowing you to generate scenarios such as oncoming and preceding vehicles, crossroads, takeover maneuver, etc., in any environment, from urban areas to countryside. Include test drivers within the decision loop thanks to the driver-in-the-loop capabilities of AVxcelerate.

Visualization in false colors facilitates the comparisons between different behaviors and light sources — Halogen, Xenon or LED. Measurement grids ease the assessment of homogeneity of light distribution and the aiming wall allows you to check the conformity of the cut-off according to regional regulation.

The solution offers a real-time pixel beam simulation and control mechanism capable of managing pixel-level beam behavior (such as DMD or microLED systems for example). Efficiently develop, iterate and test your intelligent lighting system control software, up to hardware-in-the-loop simulation with camera sensor injection.

With AVxcelerate's glare-free high beam feature, you can measure the discomfort of the glare generated by the other vehicle headlamp from a driver’s perspective, including a visual gauge to objectively measure the discomfort. A corresponding visual effect is added to the rendering view to graphically show the glare impact. Measurements provide a quantified, detailed analysis on several lighting configurations and scenarios for easy comparison.

The vehicle under test automatically drives along a normed trajectory where virtual illuminance sensors are positioned according to the standards. AVxcelerate Headlamp considers vehicle dynamics and intelligent lighting control laws. An automated batch test mode allows you to evaluate several headlamp configurations in a row, generating a detailed report including the rating and detection thresholds.



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